Agnes Beauty Providing Luxury Skincare in Costa Mesa

Agnes Beauty provides a range of luxury skincare treatments in Costa Mesa. From facials to skin treatments as well as our special Infrared sauna, we also offer a number of treatment packages that will ultimately leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Mobile and Clinic Services

Our clinic is designed to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. However, we know that not everybody wants to come to a clinic, and why should you miss out? Our mobile services help counteract that problem. With each treatment performed to the same high standard, you can still feel your skin has been rejuvenated without leaving your home. Please contact us to discover availability and to ask any questions you may have.

Anti-aging and Facial Skincare in Costa Mesa

Caring for our skin is a daily occurrence but knowing what to use for your particular skin type takes more work. At Agnes Beauty, our skin experts will not only identify your skin type but then hydrate it, provide a deep cleanse, exfoliate, steam and generally make your face both look, and feel so much better. This is all done via organic skin treatments, so no harsh chemicals are used that may upset your skin. This is not only an anti-aging approach but also allows for acne treatment and helping various skin conditions that may be an issue.


After your facial skincare, you may also wish to experience our beauty services. Once again, each treatment is performed by a highly trained member of our team.


Roll Shaper Lymphatic Massage in Costa Mesa

Agnes Beauty is one of the few clinics in the area that offer roll shaper cellulite treatment to their clients. This form of massage will not only improve blood circulation to the skin but it also has various other benefits that you may not expect. Roll shaper benefits can include problems such as helping beat insomnia, smoothing of your skin, firming your skin, aid your metabolism, and even increase your energy. With this, your muscles will feel as if they have had a workout but afterward you will feel amazing.

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Our Sauna and Relaxing

If you have never heard of an Infrared sauna then you are missing out. While you will not experience air being heated like a normal European sauna, the benefits for your skin are extensive. From improving the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients to reducing tension in the skin, increasing collagen production, and even boosting skin rejuvenation, this is a simple way to experience better skin while also completely relaxing.


Why not also look at using a spa package which allows you to experience a number of treatments one after the other? This means you can have so many benefits and leave our clinic feeling like a different person.


Agnes Beauty offers a range of skincare treatment packages in Costa Mesa. Our team of experts are also on hand to help answer any questions you may have regarding the different treatments available either in our clinic or via our mobile service. Do please contact us directly and we will only be happy to help.


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