Huntington Beach Skin Care

Agnes Beauty offers professional skincare in Huntington Beach and does so in a calm and relaxed environment. Providing a wide range of beauty, facial, and spa treatments, our goal is to make each and every client feel special. Also, with our mobile service, we are in a position to offer a number of our treatments in the comfort of your own home.


Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Beauty Treatments in Huntington Beach

Agnes Beauty delivers a range of beauty treatments in Huntington Beach. From luxurious pampering to Keratin brow lamination, we only use high-quality products such as those from IMAGE skincare. You can also choose from a number of different treatment packages even though we believe in providing our clients with the perfect solutions that suit their own individual needs.

Facial Treatments at Agnes Beauty

We also specialize in providing a range of facial treatments either at our clinic or in your own home. With a focus on rejuvenation, anti-aging, and helping improve the overall health of your skin, you will be left feeling refreshed and your skin glowing. We also use organic ingredients for cleansing your face while we also only provide non-invasive methods, so no downtime is involved.


Whether you have issues with acne, blocked pores, or your skin feels dry there is a solution and treatment available. Our team of experts can assess your skin before determining the best course of treatment to ultimately provide you with skin that radiates. We utilize a DMK skin care kit which is unique in its approach as well as being highly effective at what it can do.


Roll Shaper Treatments in Huntington Beach

As one of the few establishments offering roll shaper lymphatic massage in Huntington Beach, we are in a position to introduce you to a new way of not only improving cellulite but your health in general. The number of roll shaper benefits is extensive. From helping improve circulation around your body to improving insomnia, your metabolism, improving energy levels along with smoothing and firming your skin, this treatment could seriously change your life.


Our Spa and Sauna Treatments

Agnes Beauty also provides clients with spa and sauna treatments. Infrared sauna packages will not only help you to burn calories and develop a better shape but it is also known to improve skin quality and skin health. This is not about sweating as the air itself is not heated. Instead, it directly warms your skin bringing a sense of relaxation and reduction in tension along with fighting wrinkles and damaging bacteria that can increase aging. An infrared sauna is enjoyable and painless while the improvements it is capable of are astonishing.


Whether you are searching for the best facials Huntington Beach has to offer or perhaps have read roll shaper machine reviews and wish to give it a go then contact us here at Agnes Beach. Remember a number of our services and treatments are available at home if that is something you would prefer. Simply give us a call and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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