Agnes Beauty Providing Professional Skincare in Irvine

Agnes Beauty provides its clients with not only professional skincare treatments in Irvine but also beauty and spa packages suitable for all ages and skin types. With each client having their own treatments tailored to suit the needs of their skin, you will quickly discover why our skin experts in Irvine are the best around.


Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Mobile Beauty Treatments in Irvine

As well as having our spa and clinic, there are also a range of mobile skincare and beauty treatments available to clients. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of our packages from within the comfort of your own home. Contact us in order to learn more about what we offer and the availability of this particular service.

Facial Rejuvenation in Irvine

Looking after your skin should be a daily event. However, there are times where you simply need a helping hand to slow down that aging process and making sure your skin is as hydrated as possible. Agnes Beauty offers a range of treatments using both IMAGE skincare and a DMK skincare kit. These are high-quality products complete with organic ingredients which means they are perfectly designed to only replenish your skin.


Our Beauty Treatments in Irvine

Our clinic experts are not only vastly experienced but also highly trained. With numerous beauty treatments available to help you look stunning, these are one of the services that we are able to offer to clients at home. Alternatively, if you wish to come into our relaxed clinic then you will instantly be made to feel at home and will leave feeling so much better.


Introducing Roll Shaper Cellulite Treatment

The roll shaper benefits for your skin and cellulite are amazing. Thanks to this roller shaper lymphatic massage, blood circulation is improved with this having a direct impact on the health of your skin. Also, it has been shown in studies to benefit your energy levels, metabolism, and feeling significantly healthier within your own self. When you then discover how this roll shaper machine also helps you sleep better, then it becomes apparent that this machine could very well change your life.


Agnes Beauty is one of the few skincare clinics in Irvine that offer this service.


Spa and Sauna Treatments

We provide our clients with an Infrared sauna which is vastly different from what you may expect. This is not the same as a Swedish style sauna where the air is warmed but rather your skin is targeted directly. Different colors of light have profound effects on your skin from reducing wrinkles to eliminating blemishes and bacteria while also having an anti-aging effect.


In addition, you may wish to take advantage of our spa packages where you can be pampered and allow the stresses of modern living to be removed in an instant.


Agnes Beauty is a well-established clinic offering a range of services and treatments in Irvine. Please do contact us directly to find out more about what we do and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions and direct you towards the best treatments for your own individual needs.


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