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Agnes Beauty & Wellness upholds CDC standards of sanitation practices. We do not accept clients who show symptoms of sickness. We are not liable for any loss related to contacting covid-19.

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If at any time you become pregnant you must advise us immediately.

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By submitting this form you acknowledge reading and accept the following;

I have stated all my known conditions and have answered all questions honestly. I take it upon myself to keep the Therapist updated on my health.


I understand that the Therapist does not diagnose, prevent or treat illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions. 

I understand that this treatment is not a substitute for medical treatments and/or diagnosis, and it is recommended that I see a qualified professional for any physical or mental condition that I may have. 

I understand this treatment is not a substitute for medical care. 

The Therapist has provided and explained the safety issues surrounding my treatment plan. I have had the opportunity to ask any questions. 

I understand the following: 

• I am not being advised to take any essential oil products internally 

• I must keep all essential oil products out of the reach of children 

• Essential oils could be poisonous if swallowed 

• Essential oils must be stored in a cool, dark place 

• Essential oils may irritate the skin if not stored or used properly 

• Essential Oils must not be used with animals 

• Essential Oils must not be used on the skin of babies or children under 1 years old 

• Essential Oils must be used with extreme caution for children under 5 years old. 

I hold Agnes Beauty and Wellness harmless for any injuries or negative effects I may experience as a result of having the treatments done on me during the course of my treatment plan, or using the products I receive during this consultation. 

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Please take a moment to sign this online waiver. This form is required for all visits to Agnes Beauty & Wellness. It is also available in person.

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(714) 604-3449

7561 Center Ave #52

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Mon-Thu 10am - 7pm

Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Agnes Beauty & Wellness is a skincare clinic located in Huntington beach inside of the Old World Village, a European getaway featuring restaurants, markets, and small European style businesses. Agnes Beauty & Wellness, originating from Europe, has made a clinic that specializes in modern skincare with a combination of European style techniques.

One of the few locations in the Los Angeles area with "Roll Shapers" machines, a Lymphatic Drainage Massage that reduces cellulite, smooth, and firm your skin.

We use high-end products from IMAGE Skincare and DMK Enzyme Therapy products. Certified with Barbicide.

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