Agnes Grumslys

Skin Care Specialist

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Skin Care Expert in Palm Springs

We provide personalized skin care services in Palm Springs California!

Book an appointment today clicking reservations above or by calling (714) 604-3449.


Agnes Beauty & Wellness

Resolve any skin condition & retain smooth skin

Agnes is a skin care specialist trained to resolve any skin condition and help you retain your youthful appearance. Agnes works with celebrities and extends her services through her salon "Agnes Beauty & Wellness."

Agnes prominently works from Huntington Beach, which you may book a visit anytime!

However, if you're in Palm Springs, Agnes can come to you and provide you a personalized experience.


From curing skin conditions to providing you a routine skincare service, Agnes will handle your needs. Trained and certified.


What do you get from Agnes?​

  • Personalized Skincare

  • Access to Celebrity Skincare Products

  • Service Provided at Palm Springs Spa

  • Luxury European Skin Treatments

  • Insight on Your Skin Conditions & Needs

  • Advanced Skin Routine Plan

Our Salon Location in Palm Springs, CA

This is a private salon experience. Appointment required. Directions to the salon will be provided after you book your appointment online or during your phone call.

If you're in Palm Springs, you need to focus on your skin.

Palm Springs is a beautiful city and has much to offer for it's residents. However, the weather does tend to be the dry side since it's more inland. With this type of climate, you need to focus on your skincare routine to make sure you're skin is properly moisturized and clear.

It's recommended to visit a skincare specialist, like Agnes, at least twice a month. This will ensure that your skin is well looked after and you wont have worry about aging more quickly in a dry climate.

Even if you find that your skin has aged more than you would have liked, due to the sun or dryness of the weather, it can be somewhat reversed. Advanced moisturizing and vitamin application to the skin will help lessen wrinkles, lines, and the aging process.